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How Kraft Sports Group Manages Operations for the New England Patriots and Gillette Stadium

Jason Stone, VP of Site Operations at Kraft Sports and Entertainment discusses how Gillette Stadium uses ClimaCell to:

  • Manage fan safety and experience
  • Staffing and equipment
  • Field conditions and facilities
  • Revenue generation

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Learn How Via Drives Real Results With Weather Insights 

Ari Luks, Head of Global Marketplace Economics at Via discusses how the transportation and on-demand industry uses ClimaCell to:

  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Price supply and demand in advance and on the fly
  • Train algorithms using historic and real-time weather
  • Improve operational procedures

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How to Select the Right Weather API For Your Business 

Avi Raj, Head of Growth at InMobi discusses how to select the best weather API, highlighting considerations including:

  • Team needs and planning
  • API volume and usage
  • Market evaluation and offerings
  • Internal and external sales process

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How to Manage Weather for Drone Safety and Operations

Jason Cansler, COO at UASidekick discusses how to use predictive weather to manage drone operations including:

  • Go/NoGo decision making and launch planning
  • Localized flight planning and execution
  • In-flight safety and optimizing beyond line of site
  • Unmanned traffic management

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