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Visual Tiles – Global precipitation, and additional layers for the US!

We’re excited to announce that the ClimaCell API now has additional layer types for the US! We’ve also added a precipitation layer that covers the globe. These are layers that you can place over an existing map to show the weather for a region. Think of them as visual ‘heat maps,’ but we have more than just temperature available. Layers are translucent PNG images that conform to modern mapping standards. Google Maps, Here Maps, OpenLayers, MapBox, and LeafBox maps are all compatible with our layers. We’re web map service compliant, so you can plug our API information into your map framework to overlay weather onto your map.

Layers Available in the US

  • Precipitation
  • Temperature
  • Fire Index
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Pressure
  • Dew Point
  • Humidity

Global Precipitation

We’ve noticed that weather data available for the world outside of the US could be a lot better. In fact, our mission statement is to Map all of the Weather Data in the World! Toward that goal, we just added new regions to our ‘Layers’ API calls. We now have global, Japan, Western Europe, and India-specific regions. When you make an API call to get a precipitation layer, you can specify whether you want the region to be the US, India, or global. If you don’t specify a region, you’ll get the US layer. For full documentation, visit our weather API documentation.

Backward Compatibility

If you’re using an endpoint called ‘weather_map_layer,’ you’ll notice that we removed that endpoint from our external documentation. Don’t worry: It will keep working. The weather_map_layer endpoint now has a subset of functionality that our ‘layers’ endpoint has (all of the above features), so we opted to remove the endpoint from the docs so that people don’t have to decide which to use.