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Introducing Weather Codes!

We’re excited to announce that you can now receive verbiage through the API that describes the weather. Is it foggy? Rainy? A clear day? If you need a description of what the weather is like, or what it will be, you’ll be excited about this feature!

We call this the “weather_code” in our API, and it’s available for the hourly and daily endpoints. API documentation can be found here . Unlike our default API fields, you must explicitly request the weather code as a field you want when making an API request.

  • GET weather/forecast/hourly
  • GET weather/forecast/daily

If you’re using our API, we’re proud to give you access to our library of weather icons. Feel free to use them in your application.  They’re stored in this ClimaCell GitHub repo . We also recommend Adam Whitcroft’s icons , if you’re looking for simpler icons.

Available weather codes and icons

Weather code Description
freezing_rain_heavy Substantial freezing rain
freezing_rain Freezing rain
freezing_rain_light Light freezing rain
freezing_drizzle Light freezing rain falling in fine pieces
ice_pellets_heavy Substantial ice pellets
ice_pellets Ice pellets
ice_pellets_light Light ice pellets
snow_heavy Substantial snow
snow Snow
snow_light Light snow
flurries Flurries
tstorm Thunderstorm conditions
rain_heavy Substantial rain
rain Rain
rain_light Light rain
drizzle Light rain falling in very fine drops
fog_light Light fog
fog Fog
cloudy Cloudy
mostly_cloudy Mostly cloudy
partly_cloudy Partly cloudy
mostly_clear Mostly clear
clear Clear, sunny

Be sure to place a “Powered by ClimaCell” attribution in your application if you use our API or icons. It can help lend credibility to the weather data in your app, and of course we appreciate the help getting the word out about our services!