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Introducing Moon Phases!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added the ability to receive moon phases to our API! Now you can call our API and see what the moon phase will be tonight, tomorrow, and up to 15 days in advance.

Want to let your users know when they should plan a full moon celebration? Tell them when it’s best to accelerate the projects they’ve been working on, and when to relax? Maybe you just want to show your users an accurate visual of the moon; that’s great! Whatever you do, don’t waste your own time figuring out moon phases yourself. Use our API to see when the moon will be doing what!

Possible moon statuses are below. You can read more about lunar phases here .

Moon Phase Icon Suggestion
new_moon dark
waxing_crescent 1/4 full
first_quarter 1/2 full
waxing_gibbous 3/4 full
full_moon full
waning_gibbous 3/4 full
third_quarter 1/2 full
waning_crescent 1/4 full

How to Get Moon Phases

Below are the API endpoints that allow you to get moon phase information.

  • GET weather/forecast/hourly
  • GET weather/forecast/daily

Unlike our default API fields, you must specify that you want to receive the moon phase in your request, as a query parameter for GET requests, and in the body of POST requests. API documentation can be found here

Example Request


content-type: application/json
apikey: <your-api-key>