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Introducing Fire Risk Index

What it is

You can now receive information about the current risk of fire for a location through our API. Our hearts go out to those affected by fires, and we think providing information about the risk of fire can help us all be safer and better prepared for emergencies.

We call this the fire_index, and it’s available in our realtime API endpoint. We’re planning to add the index to our historical and forecast API endpoints in 2019. The fire index has a 1-100 numeric scale. A fire index of 50 or greater indicates an elevated risk of fire, based on humidity, temperature, and other variables.

Do you have an application that could use this information? Maybe your consumer app could show the fire risk, or pop an alert to users when the fire index is high. I’m a hiker with a hiking trail app – it would be good to know when the fire risk is high. If you are, or work with, community or safety officials, it might be prudent to show them when the fire risk is high. What about showing utility or energy providers when they should be more careful than usual?

How to Use it

Like any API call made to our API, you should add your API key as a header to the request after registering to become a user. Unlike our ‘default’ API fields, the fire index will only be returned to you if you explicitly request it like below.

content-type: application/json
apikey: <your-api-key>

{“geocode”: {“lon”: -71.17609710203855,”lat”: 42.30260171891152},”fields”: [{“name”: “temp”,”units”: “F”},{“name”: “fire_index”}]}

This example will get you the current temperature in Fahrenheit, and the fire index. The day this was written, the fire index for Newton, Massachusetts, was 29. We didn’t need to worry too much about fire that day.

That’s it for now, and thanks for reading! We’re excited to see what you build with this new capability!