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Looking for an all-in-one weather data solution?
Get hyper-accurate weather data – real time, forecast and historical – in just one line of code

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When it comes to weather, ClimaCell’s MicroWeather has become the go-to API. In use by top companies across weather-sensitive industries, our API provides a holistic and simple solution, allowing our customers to optimize operations, enhance safety, protect assets, reduce losses, and seize business opportunities.


Powered by ClimaCell’s proprietary Weather Operating System (Weather OS), our MicroWeather API is based on a unique combination of Weather-of-Things data and ClimaCell’s high-resolution global models. The result is global, hyper-accurate, real-time, forecast, and historical weather data – all in one weather API.

“We’ve explored other sources of weather data, and the level, frequency, and quality of the ClimaCell data is superior and beneficial for our needs.”

— Paul-Matthew Zamsky, Head Of Strategic Partnership, Waycare

Paul-Matthew Zamsky

High Resolution Data

Historical Data



-20 years
+15 days


All-In-One Solution: Numerical Weather Data & Map Layers

Consolidate all of your weather solutions into a one-stop shop with multiple options for weather numerical data and map layers you can easily embed into your own application

Be Ready for All Weather Conditions

Our proprietary weather data includes over 20 different weather parameters such as precipitation (intensity, probability, and type), wind (speed, direction, and gust), cloud (cover, base, and ceiling), temperature, humidity, and visibility – all available for use with a few lines of code

Go Global with Our Weather Data

The only global weather API – our data includes minute-by-minute, street-level weather forecasts, globally

Enhance your product with Locations, Alerts & Webhooks

Upload an unlimited number of your asset locations (a single point or a polygon) and create weather alerts that proactively notify you of worldwide weather events, up to 6 hours before they happen. You can also create a group of users to receive specific alerts or set up a URL to receive alerts within your app

Differentiate your product with weather insights

Our weather insights include additional information based on weather risk analysis, such as Road Risk, Fire Index, and more

Improve your customers' experience with Weather Widgets

Get hyper-local weather widgets to embed into your websites and apps. Our widgets are customizable, so you can match the style and colors to your branding

Compare to
other weather APIs


Zoom Resolution
ClimaCell: 300-500m (street-level)
Others: 2000-4000m
Update Time Inputs
ClimaCell: 1 Minute
Others: 5-30 Minutes
Data Sources
ClimaCell: Weather-of-Things, Nexrad, Satellites, Weather Stations
Others: Usually Nexrad
Correlation To Ground Truth
ClimaCell: >90%
Others: ~50%
Update Time Outputs
ClimaCell: 1 Minute
Others: Up to 60 minutes
Where data is measured
ClimaCell: Ground Level
Others: Cloud Level
Map Layers
ClimaCell: V
Others: X
Global Data
ClimaCell: V
Others: X