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Air Quality Reporting!

We’re excited to share our air quality plans with you! Air quality is a serious and growing health concern for people around the world. We’ve talked to many people about air quality over the last few months, and have heard different concerns: Many people want to make sure they buy a house in an area with good air quality, so that they and their loved ones, especially those with allergies, are as healthy as possible. City and industry officials want very specific measures of pollutants, like particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide levels, to accurately monitor trends. Around the world, especially in desert areas, people are adversely affected by dust storms, suffering from respiratory infections, cardiac events, and strokes.

Air quality is greatly affected by weather, so ClimaCell is uniquely positioned to provide highly accurate air quality metrics, from primary pollutants and air quality scores to the specific levels of each pollutant that’s a major health concern. Dr. Ray Zhang and his team at ClimaCell have led this work in collaboration with our Chief Scientist, Dr. Daniel Rothenberg. The combination of deep model-building expertise and deep knowledge in dispersion (Daniel’s thesis happens to be about air modeling and dispersion - a definite beach read!) have been a game changer with regard to the accuracy of air quality information.

We will be providing a new level of air quality accuracy in the U.S., with very granular spatial resolution, as well as air quality information in countries where there has been a lack of air quality data available. Here’s what the air quality index looks like over the U.S.

Our upcoming air quality reporting (already available through the API) includes:

  • Air Quality Index rating
    • Both EPA & China scale available
  • Nitrogen dioxide level
  • Sulfur dioxide level
  • Ozone level
  • Carbon monoxide level
  • PM 2.5 level (particulate matter 2.5 micrometers and smaller)
  • PM 10 level (particulate matter 10 micrometers and smaller)
  • Primary pollutant
  • Health concern (a textual description of air quality)

Stay tuned!