Product update

Updates to Our Current Conditions Layer

We’ve made some big improvements to our current conditions layer! The current conditions layer is the technology that shows temperature, wind, and humidity, among other fields, in real-time.

What’s changed?

1. Expanded Geography: We expanded our proprietary data from 60 degrees North to 72 degrees North. This means that we now cover Scandinavia, northern Russia, southern Alaska, and northwest Canada better than ever before! Previously, latitudes from 60 to 72 North were covered by a model with less accuracy and coarser resolution.

2. Resolution Improvements: Our global data has 5X more detail than before. Several regions have had great resolution for years (such as the US), and we upgraded our global model to provide 5km resolution. Previously, global resolution was 25km.

The following weather fields and layers are getting these improvements:

  • Temperature
  • ‘Feels Like’
  • Humidity
  • Dew Point
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Direction
  • Fire Index
  • Cloud base, cloud ceiling, & cloud cover

Here is a ‘before and after’ that illustrates the change, looking at our wind speed layer over Australia, from Sydney to Melbourne. There is a place called Wagga Wagga (!) in the region and you can see pixelation in the ‘before’ image while in the ‘after’ image, there’s no noticeable pixelation. On a practical level, if you were interested in wind speeds for a wind farm, or you were curious about wind speeds because you had drones at your disposal, the resolution is better now and you can be more assured of the actual wind speed at any given location.



Happy update to you!