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Over 500 million new weather sensors at your fingertips - Save Lives and Accurately Predict disasters Before they Strike.

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Send alerts 24 hours before a possible flood event
Estimate future events through impactful data readings
Deployed in megacities covering 500 million lives across Asia, South America, Africa, and Europe
Use by-the-minute precipitation forecasting for the most accurate results
We see weather no one else can see. Meteorology + Hydrology = Impact.

ClimaCell taps into multiple connected network layers to extract weather data, and maps all the weather in the world from millions of unexpected sources.

ClimaCell’s proprietary microweather data combined with a suite of flood specific tools can help accurately predict when floods will strike, even if they’re flash floods.

Traditional flood forecasting relies on river measurements when it may already be too late. ClimaCell fills those gaps and makes flood prediction more accurate through a cutting-edge holistic approach.


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“In a volatile climate, floods and drought are two sides of the same coin. Dry and wet spells are subject to the same physics. Better data can make the difference between adverse impacts and resilience”

Dr. Amir Givati, Director of Flood Modeling, ClimaCell