Unmanned Aerial Systems

Low-altitude weather conditions for safe drone operations

42°21'02.1" N 71°03'27.6" W

Drone-specific weather

Low-altitude weather

Up-to-the-minute precipitation

Ultra-accurate precipitation classification

In the air and on the ground, real-time decisions depend on the accuracy and timeliness of weather data

Use the Microweather API or the HyperCast dashboard to get the industry’s only low-altitude, real-time forecasts just for drones. 

ClimaCell’s forecasts help drones dodge bad weather and make the right risk calculations to maximize safe flying time ahead of bad weather. 

Regular drone forecasts are hour-by-hour and might leave you grounded needlessly. We stand out with minute-by-minute, short-term predictions with nearly double the reliability of radars. This also allows us to classify precipitation type and issue alerts before the onset of hail, snow, or sleet.
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