Forget ZIP-code weather. Hyper-local gets a whole new meaning

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Custom severe weather alerts

Data-driven demand forecasting

Street-level view of real-time weather

Customer engagement and targeting at the individual level

Is it raining on your customer's street? Only ClimaCell™ can tell you.

Use the Micro Weather API to harness the world’s most accurate weather observations to plan demand, supply, and pricing. If you use weather data for your business – the BroadCast™ is the only API with our proprietary layer plus what every weather API contains.

Instead of reacting to unexpected weather or seasonal shifts, retailers can take a proactive approach to managing their inventory, marketing triggers, and even adopt dynamic pricing models.

​With real-time data and with short-term forecasts every minute, ClimaCell™ helps retailers adapt their sales and marketing strategies. We offer individual -level, real-time weather data and an enormous opportunity to advertise creatively and improve customer engagement.
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