Outdoor Entertainment

A brand-new source of weather data for sports, festivals, and theme parks

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Decision-making before / during events

Customized safety alerts

​Up-to-the-minute precipitation

Ultra-accurate precipitation classification

From major international festivals, to national sports games, to the smallest town’s fireworks, the weather should not be the wildcard.

Use the HyperCast™ dashboard to plan concerts, sports games, and theme park operations. The show must go on, and with precise weather intelligence, it can go on safely.

With nearly double the reliability of traditional short-term forecasts, ClimaCell helps outdoor concerts and festivals evacuate crowds before tornadoes or thunderstorms strike, sports leagues to manage sales, pricing, and rain delays, and theme parks to ensure smooth operations year-round. ​

We generate minute-by-minute predictions and venue-specific, real-time weather observations. We classify precipitation type and issue alerts before the onset of hail, snow, or sleet.
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