On-Demand Economy

Is it raining on your customer's street? Only ClimaCell™ can tell you.

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Decision-making based on demand

Ultra-accurate precipitation forecasts

Customized weather alerts ahead of time

Customer satisfaction

Get truly hyper-local, no matter the weather. Real-time demand forecasts - updated every minute.

Weather forecasts influence demand for online marketplaces, transportation networks, food and grocery delivery, and any company providing services in the new economy. ​

ClimaCell’s street-by-street forecasts help companies be proactive in severe weather situations. Instead of guessing what’s happening in each part of the city, ClimaCell™ shows a clear, granular picture of the weather at street-level resolution.

We generate minute-by-minute, short-term predictions with nearly double the reliability of radars. Use our Micro Weather API to assist your demand forecasting in real-time. ClimaCell™ shines in precipitation classification and issuing alerts long before the onset of impactful weather phenomena.
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