Knowing the weather at a specific time and precise location should be easy for insurers

42°21'02.1" N 71°03'27.6" W

Weather-related claim validation in minutes

Customized safety alerts

Customer engagement​

Superior weather databases for underwriting​

Advanced weather data brings a flood of opportunities for insurers

Customize hazard alerts ahead of severe weather to help prevent damage to policyholders and their property. Engage with your customers in a way they’ll appreciate – focus on the individual at a specific time.

ClimaCell’s unique technology provides highly accurate, granular weather data that includes real-time monitoring and short-term severe weather warnings that classify the type of weather hazard.

Insurers can get instant access to ClimaCell’s historical database, with 90% accuracy in urban areas, 300-500m geographical resolution, and in 1-minute increments. This dramatically shortens the process of weather-related claim validation.
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