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Keep your outdoor operations far ahead of the weather

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Customized safety alerts
Up-to-the-minute precipitation
Ultra-accurate precipitation classification
Street-level view of real-time weather
Harness the power of big weather data to protect your worksites and personnel

Use the HyperCast™ dashboard to see what’s coming with enough time to protect your assets against severe weather hazards.

ClimaCell’s forecasts help outdoor services providers from landscapers, construction companies, paving companies, grounds maintenance, to pest control to be proactive in the face of precipitation. No more arriving at a job site just to realize the day’s a wash – use alerts to work around bad weather whenever possible, while keeping your people out of harm’s way.

We generate minute-by-minute, short-term predictions with nearly double the reliability of radars. This also allows us to classify precipitation type and issue alerts before the onset of hail, snow, or sleet.

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“We’ve definitely saved costs and staff time by using this solution, and I’ve been recommending it to other pavement and construction companies.”

Craig Swain, President

“Knowledge is power, but when it comes to construction, ClimaCell’s real-time weather information means improved safety for construction professionals and greater insight on projects. We are proud to have ClimaCell as one of our BIM 360 integration partners, and we are confident our shared customers will greatly benefit from the service they provide.”

Sarah Hodges, Senior Director of Construction Business Line, Autodesk