Brand-new sources of microweather data for airline and airport operations

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Airport-specific weather

Customized Safety Alerts

Up-to-the-minute precipitation

Ultra-accurate precipitation classification

In the air and on the ground, real-time decisions depend on the accuracy and timeliness of weather data

Use HyperCast™ Aviation to reduce needless weather-related inefficiencies that cause delays while increasing safety and customer satisfaction.

ClimaCell’s forecasts help airlines depart on time and help airports to be proactive in severe weather situations, cutting costs and flying safer.

We generate minute-by-minute, short-term predictions with nearly double the reliability of radars. This also allows us to classify precipitation type and issue alerts before the onset of hail, snow, or sleet.
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“I’ve personally witnessed ClimaCell pick up ground-level weather systems that no one else could observe. Since I’ve put the ClimaCell tool in the hands of our managers, I get non-stop requests from leaders who want access, from ops managers, de-icing leaders, to ground operations duty managers. This tool was designed with an understanding of the decision-making pressure airport leaders face every day. JetBlue is looking forward to expanding our use of ClimaCell’s solution.”

Brendan Saluk, Operations Duty Manager at Logan Airport, Boston MA