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Scientific Leadership Team

ClimaCell’s MicroWeather science team has been behind some of the biggest innovations in the weather industry in over a decade. The team is a made up of an amazing group of meteorologists, analysts, and PhD recipients in Wind Energy, Electric Engineering and other sciences, and is the backbone of everything we do here at ClimaCell.

42°21'02.1" N 71°03'27.6" W

Scientific Leadership Team

Daniel Rothenberg, PhD
Chief Scientist
Luke Peffers, PhD
SVP, Head of NWP Division
Yuval Gonczarowski
Chief Technology Officer
Jason Lynn
VP of Meteorology Strategy
Ruixiong (Ray) Zhang, PhD
Atmospheric Data Scientist
Yu Cheng, PhD
Atmospheric Data Scientist
Tamar Melman, PhD
Data Scientist
Laura Mariano
New Technologies Team Lead
Chris Hovanic, CCM
Customer Success Meteorologist
Kyle Larkin
Customer Success Meteorologist
Reece Todd
Customer Success Meteorologist
Micheal Huguet
Customer Success Meteorologist
Jim Bishop
Customer Success Meteorologist
Alan Brammer, PhD

ClimaCell's Validation Practice

At ClimaCell, we have made it a top priority to build a validation practice to constantly monitor weather data that we deliver and to optimize our solution. Read more to learn more about our Validation Practice and the team leadership

Request our Validation Studies

Our validation studies include:

  • Temperature Validation
  • Nowcasting Validation
  • Precipitation Validation

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