May 24, 2018

Our Favorite Apps for the Microweather™ API: Part 9

Sophia Makes Her Choice While Running Through Tel Aviv

This is the second-to-last video in our 10-part series where we ask ClimaCell employees which app they would most like to see use our Micro Weather API. We’ve seen all kinds of apps from event planning apps, dinner reservation apps, professional sports apps, transportation apps, map and calendar apps, and even ways that Slack and Alexa can be using micro weather data. For this clip we’ll focus on one of the most obvious use cases for this kind of location-specific weather data: running apps. I caught up this am on a call with our Head of Communications Sophia Tupolev-Luz while she was on a run through Tel Aviv (not a coincidence). She reveals how she’d like to see her favorite running app leverage ClimaCell’s micro weather data, and why this should matter to anyone who runs.

Check it out.

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