About ClimaCell

ClimaCell is powering actionable weather insights around the world. ClimaCell’s mission is to help people and organizations manage their weather related challenges with the best information and insights.

Unique to the weather industry, ClimaCell fuses a proprietary big data collection and analysis platform with exclusive modelling techniques to create MicroWeather OS - an array of products that are providing clients hyper local weather data and invaluable business insights to create the world’s leading weather intelligence engine for businesses.

ClimaCell’s patented MicroWeather technology engine is powered by Weather of Things data - wireless signals, connected cars, airplanes, drones and IoT devices. This data is combined with proprietary AI-driven models to help people and industries to manage their weather-related challenges that impact everything from operational efficiency to profitability, safety and the bottom line.

ClimaCell at a Glance

  • Founded in 2015
  • Based in Boston, MA
  • Products include the HyperCast™ dashboard and the ClimaCell MicroWeather API
  • Customer industries: aviation, utilities, mobility, on-demand, drone, finance, outdoor events
  • $65m raised in VC funding (post Series B)