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Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service Changelog

Updates and clarifications added on July 30th 2019:

  1. Website Privacy policy
    1. Clarifications regarding" Information we collect" and "SHARING" of that information
    2. "CHILDREN’S PRIVACY" added clause 2
    3. "INFORMATION SECURITY" additional information
    4. Addition of "MARKETING" paragraph
    5. Update And elaboration of "COOKIES AND ANALYTICS" clause
    6. Clarification of section 14 "CHANGES TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY"
    7. Change of ClimaCell office address
  2. Hypercast and API privacy policy
    1. Clarifications regarding "Retaining and deleting collected information"
    2. Clarifications regarding Information we collect and SHARING of that information
    3. CHILDREN’S PRIVACY added clause 2
    4. Examples of Cookies we use and additional information on Cookies and google analytics
    5. INFORMATION SECURITY additional information
    6. Added section 12 - Third-party collection of information
    7. Change of ClimaCell office address
  3. Cliamcell Consumer App Privacy Policy
    1. "CHILDREN’S PRIVACY" Clarification – App not for use under age of 16
    2. Added information regarding "Google Analytics"
    3. Usage of information for marketing purposes
    4. Addition of "MARKETING" paragraph
    5. Change of ClimaCell office address
  4. Cliamcell B2B Terms Of Service
    1. Added clarification regarding customer rights to store Datafeed