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Weather Intelligence for Sports and Outdoor Operations

Use ClimaCell to increase revenue by improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and minimizing safety risks.

Weather Intelligence for Sports and Outdoor Operations

“If lightning is going to touch down on the property, we need to know about the threat in advance – we need to get everyone to sheltered areas. ClimaCell’s tools tell us when to expect a weather event and when it will pass us. ”

Jason Stone, VP of Site Operations at Kraft Sports and Entertainment

Jason Stone, VP of Site Operations at Kraft Sports and Entertainment


Forget the Forecast. Use ClimaCell.


Increase efficiency and revenue


Minimize safety risks


Reduce operating costs

What's the Cost of Not Using ClimaCell?

What Makes ClimaCell so Special for Sports and Outdoor Operations?

  • Get 24/7 hyperlocal minute by minute weather insights per location to ensure fan safety from elements like lightning
  • Customize stadium and field operations needs days in advance of events based on upcoming weather conditions
  • Use historical weather data to predict fan behavior and unlock new revenue opportunities

We’re Talking About Millions in Operational Strategy

  • Reduce operational costs based on expected weather impact 5 days in advance
  • Increase event sales 15% by predicting demand based on historical and forecasted weather
  • Better prepare and manage for staffing “no-shows” which are as high as 20% during weather events

It’s time for ClimaCell

End-to-End Sports and Outdoors Operations Optimization

See exactly when, where, and how weather is going to impact your company in one simple dashboard.

Increase event sales 15%
Manage staff show-up rate
Fan communication and safety

Take Control of Millions in Operational Strategy

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Player routines and safety
Improve media relations
Centralized operational insights