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Snow Forecast.
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Get actionable weather information to better anticipate demand, plan operations, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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42°21'02.1" N 71°03'27.6" W

Snow Forecast Benefits

Optimize Operations

Optimize productivity by accurately allocating resources and notifying crews ahead of incoming storms.

Maximize Profit

Better understand snow accumulation to validate customer billing and forecast which roads are at risk for icy conditions. Only treat roads in need of sand or salt.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Know the exact locations hit the hardest by a snowstorm in order to prioritize customers and improve customer retention.

Ensure Crew Safety

Know in advance when crews are likely to face extreme conditions due to freezing temperatures, high wind or lightning.

When snow is unanticipated, surprising in scope or combined with other weather conditions that complicate snow removal, it can turn from a business opportunity to an operational challenge. With ClimaCell, companies get accurate forecasts not only on snow, but on other conditions that impact it, from precipitation type and intensity to temperature, wind, lightning and much more.