Ever wish you'd gotten an accurate forecast BEFORE an event?

Bad weather can be a showstopper.
An accurate forecast can save the day

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Inclement weather conditions can lead to event delays, cancellations and even evacuation of large crowds

With ClimaCell’s minute-by-minute, venue-specific forecasts, get the information you need to smartly prepare for all weather conditions, protect people and assets, and improve the athlete/performer and spectator experience.

Be Prepared

Know when to prepare the venue for extreme weather conditions and schedule specialized crews, such as snow removal. Alert teams and performers regarding upcoming weather conditions that may impact their training/rehearsals and performance.

Track weather conditions of interest – lightning, snow, rain, extreme temps, etc. – as they change over time

Minimize Unnecessary Delays and Cancellations

With customized, venue-specific alerts, know which weather conditions are – and aren’t – heading your way, including alerts on lightning directionality and movement.

See directionality of lightning – toward or away from the venue?

Reduce Equipment Damage

Protect electronic equipment when necessary, without taking unnecessarily-large windows of caution.

Create venue-specific alerts for inclement weather conditions

If lightning is going to touch down on the property, we need to know about the threat in advance – we need to get everyone to sheltered areas. ClimaCell’s tools tell us when to expect a weather event and when it will pass us.

Jason Stone, Senior Director of Operations, Kraft Sports and Entertainment

Our Technology

Weather OS

The groundbreaking Weather Operating System (Weather OS) behind MicroWeather: unique data + proprietary high-resolution models

Data / X85 sensors

Millions of data points from the connected world combined with traditional data sources

Models / X20 granularity

Proprietary, high-resolution models analyzing the data at a resolution of meters and minutes (vs. kms and hours)

Weather OS

The Result


Hyper Accurate • Specific • Customizable • Global

Weather forecasts that answer YOUR questions and drive action. Choose the weather parameters you care about: What, Where, When, How

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