Ever wish you’d had information about a change in the weather before it happened?

Bad weather can be good (for business),
especially if you know about it in advance

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Among our customers

Weather has a major impact on consumer demand, as anyone who’s tried to get a car during a sudden rainstorm can attest

With ClimaCell, companies get minute-by-minute, street-by-street level forecasts on all the weather conditions that can impact them – from rain and snow to wind speed, temperature, lightning and much more – allowing On-Demand companies to plan smartly.

Prepare for Changes in Supply and Demand

Leverage ClimaCell’s ultra high-resolution weather information to better forecast demand and plan appropriate incentives and staffing

Increase ETA Accuracy

Upgrade your routing to avoid traffic and delays caused by inclement weather, increasing customer satisfaction and revenue

Protect Assets

Protect weather-vulnerable assets, such as bikes and scooters, by better anticipating changing weather conditions.

Safer Driving

Use customized safety and weather alerts, including ClimaCell’s Road Risk Score, to inform drivers of bad weather.

Support Your Data Analytics Teams

Use ClimaCell’s unique, hyperlocal, standardized, and consistent historical weather data to train your teams can apply these learnings to make more accurate predictions.

Our Technology

Weather OS

The groundbreaking Weather Operating System (Weather OS) behind MicroWeather: unique data + proprietary high-resolution models

Data / X85 sensors

Millions of data points from the connected world combined with traditional data sources

Models / X20 granularity

Proprietary, high-resolution models analyzing the data at a resolution of meters and minutes (vs. kms and hours)

The Result


Hyper Accurate • Specific • Customizable • Global

Weather forecasts that answer YOUR questions and drive action. Choose the weather parameters you care about: What, Where, When, How

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