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Tailored weather. Powerful forecasts

Get high resolution, actionable information. know and act on specific future weather and power output conditions.

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Real-Time Data for Asset Utilization
Lightning Threat Forecasting and Alerts
Up-to-the-minute precipitation and Fire Index
Asset-Specific Weather Insights
We see weather no one else can see. Utilities managers optimize their power generation, transmission and distribution by harnessing new weather data from the connected world.

ClimaCell taps into multiple connected network layers to extract weather data, and maps all the weather in the world from millions of unexpected sources.

Use MicroWeather data for grid optimization and automation and monitor infrastructure with the HyperCast™ dashboard for utilities. ClimaCell’s street-by-street forecasts help managers to be proactive in severe weather situations, and storm recovery, allocating equipment and keeping crews out of harm’s way.

Instead of guessing what’s happening in each part of the city, ClimaCell shows a clear, granular picture of the weather at street-level resolution. We generate minute-by-minute, short-term predictions with nearly double the reliability of radars.

ClimaCell shines in precipitation classification and issuing alerts long before the onset of dangerous weather phenomena.

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“Weather is important to us for disaster planning and for responding and recovering from storms, when we can get precise information about what weather will be doing in an area, we can improve readiness and reduce costs.”

Lisa Lambert, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of National Grid plc, and Senior Vice President of NGP