Ever wish you had insider information about the weather?

Get an edge with hyper-accurate weather forecasts

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Energy supply-and-demand is intrinsically linked to weather Get a weather advantage by going beyond repackaged governmental info

Leverage ClimaCell’s minute-by-minute, street-level forecasts and alerts for better trading decisions

Weather Forecasts Tailored to Your Trading Strategy

Get geographically-tailored weather forecasts, down to the individual asset level, such as a wind farm or solar field.

Get high-resolution, asset-specific weather forecasts

Analyze Past Events

Use historical weather information to understand how weather affects energy trading in your markets.

See how weather conditions of interest – such as solar radiation and wind speed – change over time.

Understand Changing Supply and Demand

Identify intraday, day-ahead, and longer-term trading opportunities.

Short-term and long-term weather forecasts for your weather conditions of interests

Improve Accuracy of Trade Timing

Understand the impact of future weather before the broader market does, based on ClimaCell’s ultra high temporal resolution.

Wind fields ClimaCell (CBAM) vs. others

Our Technology

Weather OS

The groundbreaking Weather Operating System (Weather OS) behind MicroWeather: unique data + proprietary high-resolution models

Data / X85 sensors

Millions of data points from the connected world combined with traditional data sources

Models / X20 granularity

Proprietary, high-resolution models analyzing the data at a resolution of meters and minutes (vs. kms and hours)

The Result


Hyper Accurate • Specific • Customizable • Global

Weather forecasts that answer YOUR questions and drive action. Choose the weather parameters you care about: What, Where, When, How

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