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Is weather a wildcard when planning drone missions?

Don’t let weather take you by surprise

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Every year, missed flying opportunities and damaged assets result in significant financial and customer satisfaction ramifications

Because traditional weather companies rely mostly on satellites and radar, they miss flight-relevant weather conditions below 400ft. With ClimaCell’s ground-level, minute-by-minute, hyper-accurate forecasts, drone operators plan around rain, snow, lightning, wind speed, and extreme temperatures, improving operations and safety.

Ensure Safety

Better maintain regulated distance with accurate cloud base height information. Protect assets and minimize losses from weather-induced accidents.

See weather conditions of interest: visibility, cloud cover and more

Improve Route Planning

Utilize hyper-accurate forecasts along the flight paths to plan the safest mission routes and to maximize flying time.

Track if rain is moving toward your location

Increase Operational Efficiency

Know the best time to fly – and reduce unnecessary windows of caution – to complete more missions and maximize profits.

Know the probable path of lightning storms

“Our goal at UASidekick is to help pilots be safe when they take to the skies. Providing next generation tools, such as ClimaCell’s MicroWeather solution, is essential to moving the UAS industry forward. Understanding weather at this level of detail provides a new capability for strategic flight planning that allows operators to maximize productivity while minimizing liability and risks to equipment and people on the ground.”

— Nathan Ruff, UASidekick CEO