Have you ever experienced weather-related project delays or cancellations?

Know when to send out crews and when to call it a day

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The construction industry loses billions of dollars annually due to weather-related delays


With ClimaCell’s minute-by-minute, street-by-street level forecasts, construction companies get the information they need to smartly plan around weather conditions, protect teams and assets, and improve customer satisfaction.

Improve crew safety with customized alerts

Notify your crews about weather conditions that could pose a safety risk - from lightning to high winds - before they happen, via SMS, email or mobile app.

Customize job-site alerts

Increase Operational Efficiency with job-site specific forecasts

Determine if crews should report to specific job sites and accurately predict materials and labor needs in given weather conditions.

Track if rain is moving toward your location

Protect assets with MicroWeather forecasts

Understand when bad weather will begin and end to schedule weather-sensitive tasks and prepare for weather conditions that affect your assets.

See how weather conditions of interest change over time

Lightning Forecast

Know the probable path of lightning storms so you can prepare for possible lightning threat, according to the severity and directionality of the moving storm.

“Our biggest problem is when everything suggests that the weather will be good, we send our crews out, and then a thunderstorm hits seemingly out of nowhere. Now, with the alert system, we are automatically informed in advance. I have set it up for >0 precipitation, and everyone gets customized text messages — depending on which job-site is affected and which is the required lead time.”

— Zach Clarke, Director of Residential Operations, White Castle Roofing

Our Technology

Weather OS

The groundbreaking Weather Operating System (Weather OS) behind MicroWeather: unique data + proprietary high-resolution models

Data / X85 sensors

Millions of data points from the connected world combined with traditional data sources

Models / X20 granularity

Proprietary, high-resolution models analyzing the data at a resolution of meters and minutes (vs. kms and hours)

Weather OS

The Result


Hyper Accurate • Specific • Customizable • Global

Weather forecasts that answer YOUR questions and drive action. Choose the weather parameters you care about: What, Where, When, How

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