Have you ever watched others open or close their ramp, cancel, or divert flights and wonder why?

Don’t let weather take you by surprise

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Every year, the airline industry loses hundreds of millions of dollars due to weather-related delays, diversions and cancellations

With ClimaCell’s minute-by-minute, airport-level forecasts, airlines and airport operations teams get the information they need – lightning, precipitation type and intensity, visibility, cloud cover, lightning, wind speed, extreme temperature, etc. – to plan around weather conditions, protect crews and passengers, and improve customer satisfaction.

Optimize Operations

Prepare for bad weather in advance, including appropriate staffing levels, deicing crews, gate planning, crew timeouts, vendor allocation, and TARMAC rules.

Create alerts for high-speed winds

Improve Safety

Know when to close the ramps and secure ground equipment and aircraft, ensuring safety for below and above wing teams as well as customers.

See how weather conditions of interest change over time

Consolidate Tools

A single source for all weather information across hubs globally, improving synchronization between HQ, hubs and pilots, and facilitating airport collaborative decision making.

Check weather information across hubs

Reduce Flight Delays

Know the exact timing of inclement weather in order to push out flights and avoid unnecessarily-large windows of caution, improving on-time performance and customer satisfaction.

Identify lightning heading toward airport"

Improve Flight Planning

Understand significant weather events 1-3 hours ahead of time, select the safest routes and best alternate airports for landing, help pilots make the best decisions in air, and foresee conditions at the destination hub.

Improve route planning

“This tool was designed with an understanding of the decision-making pressure airport leaders face every day”

— Ian Deason, SVP Customer Experience, JetBlue

Ian Deason, SVP Customer Experience, JetBlue