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HyperCast 2.0 is the next generation of ClimaCell’s revolutionary weather forecasting platform. In use by companies across weather-sensitive industries, HyperCast provides answers to our customers’ specific weather questions, allowing them to optimize operations, enhance safety, protect assets, reduce losses, and seize business opportunities.


Powered by the company’s Weather Operating System (Weather OS), HyperCast is based on a unique combination of Weather-of-Things data and ClimaCell’s high-resolution global models. The result is hyper accurate real-time, forecasted, and historical weather data.

“Thanks for the sneak peek of Hypercast 2.0. I love it!”

— Operations Manager, Via

“Love the upgrade!”

— Nick Mahoney, Manager of Operations, United Airlines

“Loving the new HyperCast interface”

— Michael Miles, Manager, Station Operations, JetBlue


A New Look

HyperCast’s new design has been tailored for simplicity. In response to customer requests, Dark Mode is now available. Users can also view the map in Satellite mode as well as a 3D view

Weather Trends

Our Trends timeline allows users to get an ultra high-resolution view of multiple weather parameters combined in one chart

New Layers

Solar Radiation as well as Cloud Cover, Ceiling, and Base, have all been added to our wide range of weather parameter layers

Alerts Dashboard

The improved interface allows users to set up customized weather alerts for specific locations by choosing their desired weather conditions, time period, and notification settings

Lightning Forecast

ClimaCell’s HyperCast dashboard maps out the probable path of lightning storms so organizations can prepare for possible lightning threat, according to the severity and directionality of the moving storm