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Hypercast™ Aviation

Tracking weather no one else can see

Leading airlines use this new solution to view ground-level weather that has the most impact on operational decisions.

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42°21'02.1" N 71°03'27.6" W

“I’ve personally witnessed climacell pick up ground-level weather systems that no one else could observe.

Brendan Saluk

Operations Duty Manager
Logan Airport, Boston MA

The Missing Link in Data Driven Decision making for the aviation industry

HyperCast™ Aviation provides the most accurate microweather™ data in the world by integrating proprietary data from wireless networks and other new sensing technologies with data from traditional sensors.

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Hyper-accurate weather data from any minute in the past with unprecedented resolution at the runway level.


Minute-by-minute, hyper-local weather observations that outperform radar on speed and accuracy.


Pinpoint microweather™ forecasts from 0-360 minutes out, from our unique data source.


New granular weather data from millions of fresh outputs processed with the highest performance computing.

The fastest growing solution for airline operations

Until now, the aviation industry has relied on the same sources of data for aviation decisions. Now there’s a new kid in town, built specifically to increase safety and efficiency before take-off and after landing.

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Increased lead time
Keep your ramp teams, passengers and crew out of adverse weather conditions.
Pinpoint precipitation
See exactly what's coming down and when it starts and stops at each area of the airport.
Customer support
Get personal service and tips for best practices from our team.
Customized alerts
Send alerts to customized groups of employees or customers.
Easy set up
Instant access to your web-based hypercast™ aviation dashboard.
Full meteorologist support
Our trained meteorologists are on hand to help answer any questions about the atmospheric conditions.

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