Historical Weather Data for over 100,000 Locations Worldwide

On-demand access to historical weather data

Get the only high-resolution, completely customizable historical weather data available today. Understand how weather has impacted your business and industry in the past and get the forecasts to make more informed decisions going forward.

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Spot On Historical Weather Data

Historical data benefits

Adjust supply and demand

Use our data to see how weather impacts demand and user behavior, allowing you to make decisions that will raise your top line and lower your bottom line.

Support Decisions

Base your decisions on the best weather data, whether you’re a transportation company anticipating demand due to weather changes or a Fortune 500 company deciding where to open your next location.

Improve user experience

Increase user satisfaction by creating customized user experiences - use past data to predict future behavior, and improve the customer journey.

Train your models

Train your models with the most accurate and robust data. After all, your algorithm is only as good as the data it’s trained on.

More precise historical data for every industry and business

Find, extract, and analyze historical weather data

With a unique combination of traditional meteorological information, new data sources from the connected world, and propriety, high-resolution models, ClimaCell provides a new level of visibility on how weather — past, current and future — affects your business. Select your desired location, time period and weather parameters, from temperatures to humidity, wind and other conditions, and get the data you need to understand the past impact of weather and anticipate future impact, enabling smarter and more informed business decisions.

ClimaCell Accuracy

New sensing technology

ClimaCell’s new sensing technologies find MicroWeather that no one else can see. The data is then stored for retrieval and analysis.

Ground level capabilities

ClimaCell’s proprietary technology tracks weather closer to the ground that is often missed by traditional sources, ensuring that users can look back and understand exact weather conditions in the locations of their choice.

Hyper-local reach

ClimaCell’s MicroWeather is the only one that can deliver weather data zoomed in to a specific location, essential for businesses and industries seeking to understand events and inform future decisions.

Fastest updates

ClimaCell’s GPU-powered technology delivers six hours of minute-by-minute data and up to four weeks of global weather history, when you need it most.