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Curious about ClimaCell’s MicroWeather?

Get hyper accurate, specific and customizable forecasts — that answer YOUR business weather questions.

The benefit of forecasts you can actually rely on? Decisions that optimize operations, enhance safety, protect assets and save money.


  • Real-time data and map layers for all weather parameters (precipitation, temperature, wind, and many more)
  • Minute-by-minute historical and forecasting data, for up to 360 minutes
  • 15-day forecasting
  • Lightning threat — real-time & forecast
  • Weather trends — customized, minute-by-minute trend line for weather parameters
  • Location-specific weather alerts via email and SMS
  • 24/7 Meteorological and tech support
  • Premium weather products — Road Risk Score, Urban Flooding Forecast, and many more
  • Historical weather data — 20+ years of global weather data
  • Weather Widgets
  • Aviation Premium package

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