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Energy trading

Get an edge for power trading. Forecasts and alerts that help you outperform the market.

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Your benefits

Increase confidence

ClimaCell’s forecasts, that are both accurate and extremely specific with regard to time and location, allow you to invest smartly and decrease the risk of the unknown.

Improve the accuracy of trade timing

Have the ability to understand the impact of future weather before the broader market does and generate higher profits per trade.

Leverage weather forecasts tailored to your trading strategy

Get client-tailored weather forecasts on the exact region of focus, down to individual assets like wind farms and solar fields.

Use trader-friendly interface

Visually determine when and how weather events will impact supply and demand.

Analyze past events easily

Use our unique, standardized, and consistent historical data to understand how weather affects energy trading in your markets.

Be prepared for market opportunities

Trust your weather forecast, and increase active trading days.

It’s time for a better forecast

Outperform the market and understand how energy supply and demand will evolve: Identify intraday, day-ahead, and longer-term trading opportunities

Traditional weather companies all repackage the same government data sources and models; when you buy from them, you’re settling on what everybody else is using, and you’re giving up on the edge.

ClimaCell changes that. We see the world differently, turning everything around us - from cellular towers to windshield wipers - into virtual weather sensors, feeding proprietary weather models. The results yield unprecedented accuracy - minute-by-minute, street-by-street forecasts and alerts that help you make the best trading decisions.

The ClimaCell difference: Forecasts that are both accurate and extremely specific with regard to time and place. We call this MircoWeather.

ClimaCell’s weather forecasts, from real-time to two weeks out, deliver actionable information with high resolution, giving traders a differentiated sustainable advantage in knowing and acting on specific future weather conditions across all globally traded markets.

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