Unpredictable weather hurts more than 70% of daycares.

But what if you already knew and could plan for how tomorrow’s weather would impact your daycare? Now you can.

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Now I can alert parents days ahead of time when we’ll be closed due to weather
Thanks to ClimaCell we know in advance the best times of day to go outside
I can manage child safety against the weather in ways I never thought possible

ClimaCell helps daycares plan better against the weather

Here are just a few examples!

Improve Communication
Warn parents days in advance and real-time to confirm weather related closures
Manage Child Safety
Automate alerts when lightning, wind, rain, snow, cold or heat is headed your way
Plan Ahead To Save Time & Money
Get recommendations for when to schedule field trips, indoor, and outdoor time
Facility Preparedness
Schedule weather related maintenance and clean-up before it’s too late
ClimaCell HyperCast Dashboard

It’s more than just weather – it’s the impact

See exactly when, where, and how the weather is going to impact your children and daycare in one simple dashboard

HyperCast for Daycares

Get ahead of the weather

ClimaCell HyperCast

$95/ month
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ClimaCell HyperCast

$75/ month
get 20% in savings!