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Make the right call in every weather condition. Know when to send out crews and when to do appraisals instead

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Since 2004, Mainely Ticks has specialized in protecting people, pets and properties from tick and mosquito-borne illnesses with a personal, professional and effective management program centered around education and awareness. Tick management through education and science is more than just their tag line - it embodies their commitment to educate first.


Operating from April until October, the success of Mainely Ticks property treatments are very dependent on weather. Mainely Ticks relies on weather forecasts to determine if their nine service vehicles and associated crews should start early due to extreme heat, delay activity due to anticipated precipitation, or be sent out for appraisals if weather conditions prohibit them from spraying. Additionally, label restrictions preclude Mainely Ticks from applying chemistry with sustained winds above 10 mph, or in conditions favoring imminent precipitation. Summer fronts and associated thunderstorms are often dynamic and localized, creating the risk of “pop-up” precipitation and resulting in inadequate drying time for chemistry.

ClimaCell Solution

Traditional weather companies repackage the same government data sources and models. ClimaCell sees the world differently, and turns everything around us — from windshield wipers to cellular towers — into virtual weather sensors feeding proprietary weather models. ClimaCell’s HyperCast dashboard provides accurate, minute-by-minute, street-by-street forecasts, enabling outdoor service providers to view job-site specific weather, hyperlocal precipitation, and sustained wind speed.

Route Planning
Using the HyperCast dashboard’s accurate weather forecasting, Mainely Ticks is able to work around bad weather and optimize fleet routes of their typical 40-50 treatments per day. Furthermore, Mainely Ticks is capable of contacting customers the night before to provide accurate treatment times—allowing the company to cater to customers with specific time requests.

Go-no-go Decisions
Knowing when to send their crews out for treatments versus appraisals enables Mainely Tick’s management to take advantage of as many jobs possible—maximizing time and revenue.

Asset Protection
Mainely Ticks can avoid the costs of retreatments by adjusting business operations during the day using ClimaCell’s accurate weather forecasting.

  • On-site, hyperlocal information about precipitation and sustained wind speed allows pest management professionals to optimize their work day and treat properties with the proper dry time and conditions.

  • ClimaCell has alarms to ‘warn’ if thunderstorms develop in the area so crews are not surprised by bad weather.
“ClimaCell is going to give us an edge in terms of better preparing for our days and not being totally surprised. ClimaCell’s level of detail and the ability to depict weather is very intuitive, providing us with the technology that we were looking for, being able to preview five days out, or analyzing the current day in greater detail. We are hoping that as we grow, the ClimaCell technology can make us more efficient to meet the demands of our current and future customers.”
Bob Maurais, Mainely Ticks Founder