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Welcome to ClimaCell

We are powering actionable weather insights around the world. Our mission is to help people and organizations manage weather related challenges with the best information and insights.

Why we're here?

70% of businesses are impacted by weather

85% of the globe don’t have reliable real time and forecast weather data

Weather impact and volatility is mentioned as one of CEOs top 5 concerns

90% of businesses cannot understand what weather data means for them

#1 frustration is that weather data is not accurate enough to become actionable

Why Other Weather Forecasts Are Not Good Enough?

All weather data and models outputs are generated by governments and repackaged by private companies

What Makes us Unique?

Our Data – Weather of Things (WoT)

Millions of data points from proprietary sources such as IoT, Drones, Airplanes, Cellular Signals, Sat Com Signals, Cameras, and more, combined with traditional data sources.

Our MicroWeather Models

Proprietary models that are researched and developed in house, optimized to achieve the highest degree of accuracy in History (for AI model training), Real Time, Nowcasting (minute by minute) and our CBAM model (forecasting days out). Minutes instead of hours, Meters instead of Kilometers, Globally.

Our Products – It's Not Just Weather, It's The Impact

Our Work with Developing Countries
By improving access to weather data globally, we can save and transform billions of lives.
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Company Stats

Seed Round 2016

4 offices

>1000 customers

105 Employees

Created 700+
Terabytes of Data

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