No more guesswork: BroadCast API provides the most accurate and granular weather data.

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BroadCast API

The Weather API for the On-Demand Economy
The ClimaCell BroadCast API provides our engine’s raw data stream when you need to integrate the feed with other systems or models.
ClimaCell BroadCast is ideal for those who wish to perform additional data analysis, such as financial services and insurance companies.

API Docs

Unrivaled Performance

Zoom Resolution
Others: 2000–4000m
Update Time Inputs
1 Minute
Others: 5–30 Minutes
Data Sources
Wireless Networks, Nexrad, Satellites, Weather Stations
Others: Usually Nexrad
Correlation to Ground Truth
Others: ~50%
Update Time Outputs
1 Minute
Others: up to 60 Minutes
Where Data is Measured
Ground Level
Others: In the Clouds

How can BroadCast make your business more agile?

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What can BroadCast do for your business?


A brand-new source of weather data for airline and airport operations

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Construction and Outdoor Services

Keep your outdoor operations far ahead of the weather

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Emergency Management

Public data is not enough for public safety

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Financial Services

Real-time weather streams for a first-mover advantage

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