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January 19, 20211 min read

ClimaSeries: On-Demand Operations and Weather Impact in 2021

If you’ve ever ordered dinner and then waited an hour for it to arrive, you already understand the impact of weather for on-demand businesses everywhere.

Bad weather like snow, ice, rain, and wind can all slow down delivery times, increase traffic, and put couriers at risk. This is why weather poses a challenge for every on-demand business, whether you’re delivering transportation, food, or groceries.

But since you can’t change the weather, how can you improve your results? The answer is simple: weather intelligence.

On January 28 at 9:30AM IST / 10:30 PM EST, experts from on-demand food juggernaut Swiggy and spacial analytics mobility platform Zoba join us for an exclusive webinar, sharing how the top teams optimize for the weather to manage on-demand operations at scale.

Speakers include:

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