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September 17, 20201 min read

Watch Now: ClimaCon 2020 Keynote

We had an amazing time this week at ClimaCon 2020: The Weather Intelligence Conference.

We hope you enjoyed every minute, but we know that not everyone could attend all of the sessions. Which is exactly why we recorded it!

Here is our exciting keynote session, featuring:

  • Brad Cheney, VP of Field Operations and Engineering at Fox Sports
  • Stephanie Durante, Vice President of Game Operations at the NFL
  • Dan Slagen, CMO at ClimaCell
  • Alan Hawley, CRO at ClimaCell
  • Effie Arditi, CPO at ClimaCell

In this session, we explore the state of the weather industry today and where it is going tomorrow. Learn how Fox Sports and the NFL use weather intelligence to create a seamless experience for hundreds of thousands of fans across the US – no matter the weather. And so much more.

Watch now.


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