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June 8, 20201 min read Uses ClimaCell to Predict Weather Impact For The 2020 French Open at Roland Garros

For the first time ever, The French Open is scheduled to take place in September/October this year instead of its usual May/June timeframe. With new timing for the tournament comes new challenges for event organizers, media, player, and facility teams alike, especially because people can’t look back in history to understand how the weather will impact the tournament and plan for it.

Or can they? recently turned to experts like John McEnroe, Todd Martin, and ClimaCell’s hyperlocal historical, real-time and predictive weather technology to help understand what to expect during the tournament if it’s held in September/October for the first time ever.

See the full article here, and for any leagues/teams/organizers facing nuanced challenges around planning and operating events, our team is ready to help.

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