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July 7, 20201 min read

See How a Major Transmission Company Used ClimaCell’s AI-Powered Weather Intelligence Platform to Manage Against a Cyclone

Analytics India Mag recently published a story about how IndiGrid used ClimaCell’s industry leading weather intelligence platform to manage and provide superior customer service during Cyclone Amphan, the largest cyclone to hit India in 20+ years.

By using ClimaCell, IndiGrid was able to understand in advance which of their hundreds of towers were at risk of damage. “Due to the lack of precise wind data, it is difficult for design engineers to investigate the failure modes of tower collapse events,” said Satish Talmale, COO of IndiGrid.

Once the team at IndiGrid knew where to focus, they were able to deploy vegetation management and maintenance crews to the select towers that were at risk, saving countless hours of confusing operational predictions and discussions. By pre-positioning crews, IndiGrid was able to see where the impact would be, mitigate damages, minimize outage time for their customers, and maximize operating revenues – Check out the full story here!

About IndiGrid:

  • One of the largest platforms for operational transmission assets in India
  • Established in 2016 and based out of Mumbai
  • 20 transmission lines of ~5,800 km
  • Four substations of 7,735 MVA capacity
  • Managing across 13 states in India

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