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August 5, 20182 min read

Weather Software that Can Withstand Radar Outages

HyperCast™ weather software observing drizzle uninterrupted in Seattle, WA on August 3rd, 2018, while radar experienced an outage.

The National Weather Service radar that serves Seattle, WA experienced an outage on August 3rd, 2018, at 6:42 AM PST. Normally, a radar outage would be a big problem for tracking drizzle. After all, radar is one of the oldest traditional weather observation tools, and is the foundation of almost every weather forecast and every weather software. Weather radar can experience outages for a variety of reasons, but any time it happens, it can cause even the best operations to hit a snag.

Since ClimaCell uses a proprietary blend of radar data with other technologies (such as wireless networks), we were able to see drizzle over this area of Seattle on this morning as it happened, and forecast the precipitation movement minute-by-minute, using our HyperCast weather software. 

Even when the local radar is in working order, we often see instances like this when there is drizzle at the surface and the radar is looking over the top of it, or is blocked by the mountains around Puget Sound. The key to uninterrupted operational forecasting is to use a variety of weather data sources.  HyperCast by ClimaCell uses our special blend of proprietary weather data from unique sources and the best of traditional weather observation tools. We feed this data into the high-performance models that we’ve built to use a large range of sources, and our customers benefit from our easy to use weather software, like HyperCast, HyperCast™ Aviation along with the MicroWeather API

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