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April 21, 20202 min read

ClimaCell’s Global Weather API Documentation

With the recent update to our weather API, we wanted to take a moment to highlight all of our current offerings! With ClimaCell’s global weather API you now have better access to docs, references, widgets and FAQs.

1. Weather API Documentation: Here you’ll find all of our docs to help get you going, including:

Getting Started With ClimaCell’s Weather API:

  • API reference
  • Help center
  • Example projects
  • System status


  • Plan and API keys
  • Locations

Data Layers: Access our patented MicroWeather approach to weather data, including:

  • Weather
  • Air Quality
  • Pollen
  • Road Risk
  • Fire Index

Data Products: Get everything you need to know about our real time weather API, forecasted, and historical.

Maps: If you’re looking to superimpose weather data on a map, our tile layers include general weather parameters, air quality and fire index. You can also see available locations and tile grids.

2. Weather API Reference Guide

Access our selection of weather data feeds, in addition to endpoint structure, query and body parameters, and JSON-encoded responses. You’ll also find information on authentication, data laters, request ID, versioning, coordinate format, date and time format, rate limiting, system status, and more.

3. Weather API Widgets: 

Our weather API widgets include Nowcast, hourly, and daily outlook options and offer 6-hour, 24-hour, and 7-day forecasts.

4. Weather API FAQs:

If you have any questions about our weather API, from general questions to documentation to functionality then look no further than our FAQs section. Here you’l see the latest advice from our team and you can also search for anything you need.

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