Introducing the ClimaCell Micro Weather API

The most granular weather data in the world

There are a lot of weather APIs out there - and they all use the same public sources of weather data. ClimaCell is the only weather API that uses proprietary sensing technology to deliver the best (and fastest) ground-level weather data in the industry, with the best nowcasting model.

5 Ways the ClimaCell Micro Weather API is Different

Traditional weather companies rely on public weather sources like government radar. ClimaCell is the only one that takes the best of existing weather technology and adds new sensing technologies that find weather that no one else can see.

ClimaCell’s proprietary technology tracks weather closer to the ground that is often missed by traditional sources. This is why major airlines and sports teams rely on us — to make sure every storm is tracked.

Everyone says they are hyperlocal, but ClimaCell’s API is the only one that can deliver weather data zoomed in to a specific location. With other APIs when you pick a location, you’re seeing weather from a large area around that location.

Other APIs may send you data every minute, but often that data is 5-20 minute-old radar data. ClimaCell’s GPU-powered technology delivers data updated to the minute.

Most short-term forecasts look out in hour chunks into the future. ClimaCell’s API gives you what the weather will look like in every minute for the next 6 hours.

Quantifying the ClimaCell Difference

Zoom Resolution
Others: 2000–4000m
Update Time Inputs
1 Minute
Others: 5–30 Minutes
Data Sources
Wireless Networks, Nexrad, Satellites, Weather Stations
Others: Usually Nexrad
Correlation to Ground Truth
Others: ~50%
Update Time Outputs
1 Minute
Others: up to 60 Minutes
Where Data is Measured
Ground Level
Others: In the Clouds