Is air quality a growing concern for your customers?
Meet Air Quality of Things: Personalize and differentiate your product with hyper-accurate air quality info

Global Air Quality Index

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Air quality is a growing concern for everyone, from individuals to businesses to smart cities. But simply measuring pollutants is not enough. Changing weather conditions – wind, extreme temperatures, rain, humidity, etc. – impact air quality, and analyzing these complex interactions is the only way to provide a real picture of the air quality around us. Introducing: Air Quality of Things.

Smart Cities & Homes
Technology Apps

As leaders in weather forecasting, ClimaCell has uniquely accurate air quality forecasts – allowing our customers to improve the health of their customers, differentiate their products, enhance engagement, grow sales, and seize business opportunities.

How can your business use the Air Quality Index?

Personalize and Enhance your customers’ experience

Care for your customers' health and increase engagement

Create Differentiation

Why Choose ClimaCell's Air Quality Index?

Most Accurate

Our Weather Operating System provides street-level air quality info

All-In-One solution

Air Quality, like weather parameters, impacts how we experience the world. Get hyper-accurate, street-by-street, minute-by-minute weather data AND air quality info in one place

Go Global

Get hyper-local air quality info for anywhere in the world

Complete picture of Air Quality

We analyze 8 different parameters – such as PM2.5, SO2, O3 – as well as the interaction between them and current weather conditions

Alerts, locations, and webhooks

Alert your customers on air quality changes and environmental triggers

Behind the scenes technology

When it comes to air quality, the weather is a major player. Rain, wind, other weather conditions have a major impact on air quality. We are harnessing our Weather of Things data, combined with our high-resolution models, to create Air Quality of Things: an accurate, street-level view of air quality worldwide.

Weather OS

The groundbreaking Weather Operating System (Weather OS) behind MicroWeather: unique data + proprietary high-resolution models

Data / X85 sensors

Millions of data points from the connected world combined with traditional data sources

Models / X20 granularity

Proprietary, high-resolution models analyzing the data at a resolution of meters and minutes (vs. kms and hours)