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The Best Air Quality Data and Insights for Your Business

An all-in-one solution: get the most accurate air quality and weather information, generate invaluable business insights, and drive actions.

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Our unique air quality data and insights include:

Air Quality

Health recommendations
Primary pollutant
Global AQ index
And more...


Wind speed and direction
Precipitation type and intensity
Dew point
Cloud Cover/Base/Ceiling
Solar radiation
And more...

Global Solutions

Road risk score
Fire index
Lightning forecast
Urban Flooding forecast
And more...

Who’s air quality data and insights for?

What can you do with our air quality data and insights?

Get the most accurate information

  • Get air quality and weather information for every place on earth
  • Benefit from our proprietary Weather-of-Things virtual sensors and AI-driven models
  • Enjoy the world's highest resolution data on real-time, historical, and forecast

Generate personalized insights for your business

  • Understand exactly where, when, and HOW air quality and weather are affecting your business
  • Provide your team with customized business insights either from our library or by creating your own

Drive actions and make better decisions

  • Receive meaningful webhook alerts and trigger teams to take better actions
  • Share information with your teammates or users using our collaboration tools

What Customers say about ClimaCell?

Why choosing our air quality data and insights?

Air quality is one of the fastest growing trends among businesses and users worldwide. Take advantage of our unique solution, combining hyper-local weather and air quality in one place – providing the world's best solution for businesses

Hyper-local data
All-in-one solution
Consume via dashboard and API
Alerts and webhooks
Customized business insights

How can you get our air quality data and insights?