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So, can you believe the year we've had together? The team has grown to over 100 awesome people in 3 offices worldwide and we’ve launched new products while adding new features and functionality continually – helping many new and existing customers to get information, generate insights, and drive actions.

Here are our top moments of 2019


Opened a new office in Boulder, Colorado and launched CBAM – ClimaCell's Bespoke Atmospheric Model. As the world’s highest resolution weather forecasting model, CBAM is already serving many customers worldwide and is also available on our HyperCast dashboard


Launched CGUFF - ClimaCell's Global Urban Flooding Forecast product. Based on cutting-edge proprietary hydrological models, CGUFF has more than 15,000 cities in its daily flood alerting database


Launched our consumer mobile app – Weather Assistant. Being a day-to-day life assistant by notifying on a good time window for a night run or a walk with your dog, our B2C app has been a great success with more than 70,000 users and it's now offered in more than 30 countries worldwide


Launched HyperCast 2.0 – the next generation of our weather dashboard. With a fresh new look and some major performance improvements, the new HyperCast got some amazing customer feedback


Launched our Air Quality product – the world’s most accurate air quality data. As air quality is heavily affected by weather, our hyper-local weather data helped us to provide an ultra-accurate global air quality information which is available in both our MicroWeather API and HyperCast


Launched Insights Dashboard – the only dashboard that shows where, when, and HOW weather will impact your business. By revolutionizing the way weather forecasts are consumed, Insights Dashboard has been a great success so far, serving many customers worldwide with thousands of business insights on our library


Launched – our nonprofit private charity that seeks to address the urgent global need for lifesaving weather information. Our first trip to Africa was an inspirational experience and we hope to drive the change and bring hope to billions around the world

2020 promises to bring even more exciting announcements.