Next Generation
Hyper-Local Weather Prediction

Keeping your planes, cranes, trades, or outdoor games ahead of the weather.
Anywhere, anytime.

72°F 0.4in/h
90% Accuracy
69°F 0.9in/h
89% Accuracy
81°F 1.1mm/h
75% Accuracy

The most significant technological weather advancement since radar

ClimaCell® provides the most accurate microweather™ data in the world by integrating proprietary data extracted from wireless networks and other new sensing technologies with data from traditional sensors. With 90% correlation to ground truth (vs. 50% using radar), it’s the best you can get for your enterprise.

Historical Data

Hyper-accurate microweather™ data from any minute in the past with unprecedented resolution on any street.


Minute-by-minute, hyper-local microweather™ observations that outperform radar on speed and accuracy.


Pinpoint microweather™ forecasts from 0-360 minutes out, from our unique data source.

GPU Powered

New granular microweather™ data from millions of fresh outputs processed with the highest performance computing.

The predictive power of BIG DATA for your business

Empower your business to grow revenue and minimize risk by staying ahead of the weather. Get high-definition weather maps, customized views, and alerts with unprecedented accuracy in real-time. With our online support, these are the ultimate tools for situational analysis and decision making.
HyperCast™ Microweather™ API

Military grade precision for weather-sensitive industries

Agility for your business operations in rapidly shifting conditions.


A brand-new source of weather data for airline and airport operations


Unmanned Aerial Systems

A brand-new source of weather data for airline and airport operations


Construction and Outdoor Services

Keep your outdoor operations far ahead of the weather


Emergency Management

Public data is not enough for public safety


Financial Services

Real-time weather streams for a first-mover advantage



Knowing the weather at a specific time and precise location should be easy for insurers


Broadcast Media and Advertising

Live HD micro-weather for broadcast meteorologists and advertisers


On-Demand Economy

Is it raining on your customer's street? Only ClimaCell™ can tell you.


Outdoor Entertainment

A brand-new source of weather data for sports, festivals, and theme parks



Forget ZIP-code weather. Hyper-local gets a whole new meaning


Featured in:

From Forbes:

ClimaCell’s software, Elkabetz says, can track the intensity of rainfall on one street versus another in the same neighborhood.

Susan Adams

From The Tata Trusts:

...a great use case in crop insurance as it can provide accurate, consistent field level data digitally in real time

R. Venkataramanan, Managing Trustee

From The Times:

An American company, ClimaCell, already offers short-range forecasts for specific roads, but it may be only a short while before Britons can check their phones to see whether they will need an umbrella or a sombrero when they nip to the cornershop.

Oliver Moody

From Bostinno:

By using existing wireless communication infrastructure ...its software can be deployed in developing nations where reliable weather data is typically not available.

Dylan Martin


ClimaCell was the first company to bring a brand new source of weather data to market by repurposing existing global infrastructure.

Gordon Tredgold