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It’s not just weather, it’s the impact.

MicroWeather OS can reduce your operational costs, increase your revenue and potentially save lives.

What Customers say about ClimaCell?

What others say about our technology?

“Meet the ClimaCell weather app. Alerting you when it’s about to rain, down to the minute, all around the world”

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“One airline did better than most, however. Instead of relying on the usual weather forecasts, it listened to ClimaCell—a Boston-based “weather tech” startup that claims it can predict the weather more accurately than anyone else”

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“When is the lightning going to come? When do we need to roll the deicing trucks? When we have much more precise weather, it makes a much more seamless journey for you”

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Validation Reports

ClimaCell’s NowCast system which boasts over 90% probability of precipitation detection for short lead times.

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ClimaCell’s CBAM forecasts consistently outperforms the leading government models for all variables, globally.

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"ClimaCell currently is operating innovative short-term forecast systems (NowCast and CBAM). Through testing and verification, both products have exhibited impressive and unique abilities to accurately predict atmospheric variables such as precipitation (NowCast) as well as temperature, cloud cover, and wind speed (CBAM) for locations across the globe. NowCast and CBAM exhibit substantial accuracy and precision advantages over publicly available forecast model data, especially for short-term predictions."

Dr. Shawn Milrad, Associate Professor, Meteorology
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