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The ClimaCell Engine

Proprietary Data Sources

High Performance Models

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Weather sources

5 Worldwide
Doppler Radar
940 Worldwide
Weather Stations
11000 Worldwide

New Hypersensing Sources

Wireless Networks
4M+ Worldwide
IOT Devices
450M+ Worldwide
Stealth Technology #01
103.4M+ Worldwide
Stealth Technology #02
10000+ Worldwide
Stealth Technology #03
10M+ Worldwide

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We see weather no one else sees


Hyper-accurate weather data from any minute in the past with unprecedented resolution on any street.


Minute-by-minute, hyper-local weather observations that outperform radar on speed and accuracy.


Pinpoint microweather™ forecasts from 0-360 minutes out, from our unique data sources.


New granular weather data from millions of fresh outputs processed with the highest performance computing.

“I’ve personally witnessed ClimaCell pick up ground-level weather systems that no one else could observe.

Brendan Saluk

Operations Duty Manager
Logan Airport, Boston MA

The predictive power of
Big Data for your business

Get high-definition weather maps with the HyperCast weather software, and minute-by-minute, street level data streams with the Microweather API.

Weather Data Drought

Developing countries lack very basic weather data that could save lives. It's our mission to use new hypersensing technologies to bring critical weather data to every corner of the world.

Microweather for every
industry. Every Activity

Energy Trading

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Financial Services

Real-time weather streams for a first-mover advantage

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Knowing the weather at a specific time and precise location

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Media / Advertising

Live HD micro-weather for broadcast meteorologists and advertisers

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On-Demand Economy

Is it raining on your customer's street? Only ClimaCell™ can tell you

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Forget ZIP-code weather. Hyper-local gets a whole new meaning

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Sports / Outdoor

A brand-new source of weather data for sports, festivals, and theme parks

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Weather hazard on route? Only ClimaCell™ can tell you

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UAS / Drones

Low-altitude weather conditions for safe drone operations

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Microweather conditions across the grid

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